Hi, I'm Sriaditya.
I make things.

I am a 19 year old cybersecurity researcher studying mathematics at the University of Georgia.

In my free time, I research, write stories, or play CTFs.


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ROP Overflows

Here are my certifications.

I am committed to reaching the highest standards and pushing the limits of my knowledge.

Below are some of my experiences.

Hats On Cybersecurity

I'm the Founder and President of the club at the University of Georgia and have a goal of teaching competition based cybersecurity to people of any level knowledge at an in-depth insight, better than other clubs currently offered.


Egg Heads Cyber Team

During high school, I joined Egg Heads and became a team captain for cybersecurity competitions. We have placed first in state for a large majority of our competitions including CyberPatriot.

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Egg Heads CP-XIV Team


This was a volunteering hobby I did on the side, but it became something larger. I have hosted international events, handled customer support and incidents, deployed new services, and ensured uptime and stability in security.

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ImaginaryCTF Logo


I'm proud to have been a part of CyberAvengers for all four years. I have played roles such as Vice President and Team Captain during my time here. Currently, I organize events and educate and mentor others about cybersecurity, leading my own workshops for school.

CyberAvengers Team

Cyber Teams

I have also been scouted out by teams such as Ducksociety and TeamlessCTF. I am proud to be with them, we have placed very high internationally and I continue to participate with them.

Ducksociety Logo


  • Kossack Exam - Third Place



  • CyberPatriot X - Semifinalist, Middle School
  • CyberPatriot XI - Semifinalist
  • CyberPatriot XII - Semifinalist, 1st Place Georgia
  • CyberPatriot XIII - Semifinalist, 1st Place Georgia
  • CyberPatriot XIV - Semifinalist, 1st Place Georgia

CTF Competitions

NameRankTeam or Alias
PicoCTF 201933 / 60595Egg Heads (Solo)
NGA CTF 201935 / ???Egg Heads
ångstromCTF 201971 / 1570Egg Heads
TJCTF 201965 / 483Egg Heads
NeverLAN CTF 2020114 / 1158Egg Heads
TJCTF 2020298 / 1205Egg Heads
Newark Academy CTF 202076 / 968Egg Heads
NCL Fall 2020 Preseason41 / 6072sriadityavedantam
NCL Fall 2020 Individual Game38 / 6013sriadityavedantam
NCL Fall 2020 Team Game27 / 957Egg Heads
X-MAS CTF 20209 / 1064ducks0ci3ty
KSU ISA CTF 20203 / 12sriadityavedantam
JustCTF 2020189 / 804ducks0ci3ty
DiceCTF 2021282 / 1059ducks0ci3ty
NGA CTF 202117 / ???sriadityavedantam
NCL Spring 2021 Preseason93 / 5794sriadityavedantam
NCL Spring 2021 Individual Game29 / 4180sriadityavedantam
NCL Spring 2021 Team Game26 / 922Egg Heads
National Cyber Scholarship Competition 202151 / 3277sriadityavedantam
HackTheBox Cyber Apocalypse 2021140 / 4740ducks0ci3ty
CSAW '21 Qualifiers140 / 1216ducks0ci3ty
H@cktivityCon 2021 CTF37 / 1721ducks0ci3ty
DownUnderCTF 2021206 / 1594ducks0ci3ty
TamilCTF 202116 / 333ducks0ci3ty
DeconstruCT.F 20214 / 300ducks0ci3ty
pbctf 202144 / 210The Teamless
NCL Fall 2021 Preseason56 / 6455sriadityavedantam
NCL Fall 2021 Individual48 / 6481sriadityavedantam
NCL Fall 2021 Team35 / 3917Egg Heads
UTCTF 202223 / 560TAMU Cyber Club
picoCTF 202227 / 7794The Teamless A

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