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Hello World!

January 01, 20211 min read

Hey, I am Sriaditya Vedantam, also known as Zyphen.

Throughout the past couple of years, I have built up a profile named Zyphen. In an effort to bring two personas together online, I have made multiple changes, feel free to check out my actual portfolio here.

I currently freelance taking requests for pay on projects I can develop and produce for the client.

In my free time, I am a story writer, do photography, and also work out.

I am currently a junior at Alliance Academy for Innovation in Georgia and aged 17 years old. In my time at Alliance, I found a group of friends who are also Cyber Enthusiasts such as I and are overall well versed in cybersecurity competitions also known as CTFs.

These events test a player's skills with cyber knowledge requiring them to break into different programs, websites, or reversing complex algorithms in the end goal of getting "flags", or points. We called the team Egg Heads. Through the years we have done many competitions, paid and free, competing against, and beating, many colleges and universities. On my team, I may seem like an all-rounder, managing all the categories as can be, but I main in Binary Exploitation & Web Exploitation.

I am still learning along the way and I hope my posts on projects, competitions, or related, improve over time. Hope you enjoy! About Me

Published January 01, 2021, by ZyphenSVC.

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