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New Website

October 23, 20211 min read

Welcome to a new website! There are a lot more improvements on this site, and a new theme to follow. This is slightly based on Minh Duong's theme of gatsby, but customized it to my own.

As stated, this site was built using Gatsby, a static site generator based on the React framework. In other words, it's pretty fast.

Lighthouse report
An almost perfect Lighthouse report for the home page!

This is the report Minh had, but the benefits of this site, also provides responsiveness on a whole new level!

This includes:

  • Comment system using GitHub issues (utterances)
  • Fancy animations/transitions while navigating
  • MDX support for blog posts, like this one
  • Support for clients without JavaScript
  • A11Y friendly
  • Dark mode :)

The source code for this site is available on GitHub

What's next?

Will be posting a bit more frequently on new and exciting projects I have to offer. This will of course have the occasional ctf writeup, but more so on projects!

Make sure to follow my Twitter for announcements. You can friend me on Discord with Zyphen#8624. Additionally, you can add my RSS feed to your favourite reader app. Hope you enjoy!

Published October 23, 2021, by ZyphenSVC.

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